Pretty Poison

Plus Surprise Shorts!

Spread out a blanket on the sculpture garden lawn for our annual free outdoor screening. This year's selection culminates our summer-long Cool World series, featuring the coolest actors from four decades of American film, as selected by our audience. In Pretty Poison, Tuesday Weld and Tony Perkins are a cower couple. Weld, a bad seed of the sixties, grabbed headlines for her very kooky conduct; typecast as Psycho's Norman Bates, Perkins had to re-Bates his roles. Pretty Poison takes place in a factory town where loner Perkins thinks the Commies are dumping waste into a nearby stream. He convinces high-school drum majorette Weld that he is a CIA agent and needs her help to stop the polluters. A blend of sex, fantasy, and mayhem pushes them through this bit of toxic Americana. When the girl next door is Tuesday Weld, sell your house.

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