The Prince Is Back (Free Screening!)

The very title of the film is ironic. What kind of “prince” can there be in Russia after seventy-five years of Soviet rule? Some aristocrats were imprisoned or executed, some fled, while others remained, trying to hide their roots as best they could. Suddenly, as though out of nowhere, the aristocrats and courtiers have crept back, laying claim to fancy titles and intricate family trees. Fine, they can play at heraldry and nobility, but no one will ever give them back what they once owned, and they have no realistic hope of capitalizing on their fine pasts. And yet-in Alabino, near Moscow, Prince Evgeny Meschersky has attempted to reclaim the ruins of the titular home of his ancestors. This is the story of one man's uncompromising fight to achieve his dream against all odds. Finally, it is about human resilience and the unbreakable human spirit.

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