The Princess of Nebraska

In directing a companion film for his new A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, Wayne Wang went back to the same source: Bay Area author Yiyun Li's award-winning book of short stories. The Princess of Nebraska sketches the travails of a college student, Sasha (Ling Li), who has arrived in the Bay Area to procure an abortion. With the father, Yang, incognito, Sasha seeks out Yang's male lover, Boshen, for support and closure. Once she realizes Boshen has his own agenda concerning her pregnancy, Sasha takes to the streets of San Francisco, befriending a bar hostess and venturing into new terrain. As in A Thousand Years, Wang uses his remarkable heroine to provide a moving examination of people trying to summon the power to live life in all its complicated, hectic beauty. Shot by Richard Wong (Colma: The Musical), the film is the first narrative feature produced by CAAM, and features a host of Bay Area talent both behind and in front of the camera.

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