Program 2

In Paul Revere, Jonas (with the help of Richard Serra) whimsically lectures on the limits of communication, revealing why “one if by land” is not so simple. Jonas does away with mirrors in Disturbances, using instead the surface of a reflecting pool. As in the Narcissus myth, one's image tantalizes, whether it is aqueous or electronic. Double Lunar Dogs, based on a Robert Heinlein story about a spaceship adrift, features members of New York's Performing Garage, including Spalding Gray and Jill Kroesen. This fantastical voyage is about a metaphysical black hole in which memory has failed, and with it, temporality itself; digital video effects allow Jonas to sever the expected links between image, place, and time. Layered effects are again employed in Volcano Saga, this time to construct a medieval dreamscape drawing on an Icelandic saga. Tilda Swinton plays a woman whose dreams foretell the future; a companion (Ron Vawter) interprets these dreams as they sit by a hot spring. The mythical text and manipulated natural setting give Volcano Saga a sublime yet vaporous beauty.

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