Program II: Love Letters from Teralba Road & Backroads

Love Letters from Teralba Road
is “said to be based on a group of actual letters found in an abandoned flat in Sydney, extracts from which are used in the film. It is a study of a working-class couple unable to control or analyse their sentiments, much less express them. They live in a world of poor housing, killing jobs and rough pubs. He has a temper, gets drunk and knocks her about. She goes back to her boozy father; and the rest of the film is about their hopes and fears and speculations about coming together again (which is left on a question mark).” In this bleak milieu, with “characters imprisoned in their own ignorance and lack of articulation, director Wallace manages to concern us intensely with their fates.” - David Robinson, Times.
Between the separated couple are the “husband's stream of letters, which are ironically communicative in a way ‘your ever-loving Len' can never be when they meet.” - Colman, New Statesman.
1977 Australian Film Awards: Gold Award Short Fiction, Silver Award Photography, Special Award Creativity; Selected for Berlin Film Festival 1978.

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