Public Manners: Sightseeing in Tokyo

Michael Mortilla has created original scores for theater, dance, and film, and regularly performs for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Silent Society, and the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

(Koshu saho: Tokyo kenbutsu). In 1925 the Japanese Ministry of Education produced as many as twenty films, including this one, which introduces the tourist spots of Tokyo just as the city is recovering from the Great Kanto Earthquake. It shows what the westernized and urban lifestyle was like at the time, and humorously highlights the geographical and psychological distance between the city and the countryside. Kaname Mori was a veteran director who had made a large number of period films at the Shochiku Kamata studio. By the time Mori directed this film he had moved to Teikoku Kinema, and switched to making educational films.

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