Radio On

“‘A man lies dead in his bath.... David Bowie's “Heroes” plays on the radio...the camera prowls over a deserted flat: so begins Radio On. Written and directed by ex-Time Out film critic Chris Petit, the film is an apparently simple road-movie (with an extraordinary soundtrack that runs from Kraftwerk and Lene Lovich to Wreckless Eric) in which the dead man's brother travels to Bristol by car to clarify the mysterious death. But his private journey also stands for an excursion back into the sour 70s, an exploration of what went wrong with the 60s. Travelling in his battered old Rover across the British landscape (of which, romantically, he's both part and observer) he simply can't communicate with those he meets on the road - an army deserter from Ulster, a garage mechanic, a woman in search of her lost child - for the film's about (and partly shares in) the obsessive, ironic disenchantment of being British now...a rare attempt at an elliptical, mythic British cinema....' --Chris Auty, Time Out.” --Edinburgh Film Festival

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