Ray: Life and Work of Satyajit Ray

Noted Bengali filmmaker and documentarian Goutam Ghose was handpicked by Satyajit Ray's widow, Bijoya, to create this moving eulogy and tribute to the great director. Drawing inspiration from Ray's original red notebook of sketches and musings, Ghose captures not only Ray the filmmaker, but also Ray the intellectual, illustrator, composer, and even children's book creator. “I knew that mere presentation of Ray the filmmaker would not be sufficient to capture the life and works of a person who was not just a filmmaker but a great mind as well,” Ghose notes. Intriguing both to Ray cinephiles and to anyone interested in the process of filmmaking and artistic creation (or how to navigate a passion through bureaucracy and indifference), the film intersperses interviews and voice-overs with clips from the great man's career, ranging from his debut with 1955's Pather Panchali to his honorary Academy Award in 1992 (which he watched from a hospital bed), and finally a posthumous ceremony in India. It also acknowledges Ray's most profound influences, including his family (especially his grandfather, a children's book illustrator and publisher, and his father, a noted writer and satirist) and fellow artists, including poet Rabindranath Tagore and director Jean Renoir. Shown as a special event at the 1999 Venice Film Festival, Ray is a fitting tribute to one of the world's greatest filmmakers.

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