Real Live-Bodies

Artists in Person

In the final night of the series, bodies take over-running and jumping, but also very fragile and permeable. Second Skin (Sophie Cooper, 4 mins, B&W/Color) looks at a woman who just won't take it anymore. Examples of Boundaries and Penetration (Offer Egozy, 9 mins) asks what separates us from others and from our own deaths. Betcha can't do this: Bicycle (Mark Bowman, 4 mins) documents man versus bike versus gravity. Zap! Bang! Hold onto your hats, kiddos, this ain't Pong anymore: Playing the News (Jigar Mehta, Jeff Plunkett, 20 mins) peers deep into the heart of a “reality” video game subculture that mixes fantasy, CNN, and the Iraq war. Talking dirty competes with banal imagery in Object f (Evan Menzel, 6 mins). More bodies run amok in Breath Play (Jason Karpman, 11 mins); Fries (Karina Gutierrez, 8 mins); A Celebration (Peter Allen, 3 mins); Extreme Chick Regime (Bronwyn Birk, Whitney Hartwell, 8 mins); Desperate Incendiaries (Kimberly Burdette, 6 mins); and Figure Drawing (Ian Cheng, 2 mins).

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