Real Live-People

Artists in Person

Our opening program explores concepts of individuality and personal expression. In The Average Personal Ad (Arun Murti, 3 mins), computer-generated ads articulate partner preferences. Unschooled (Jason Marsh, 25 mins) examines the lives of three California families who “unschool” using curriculum-free methods of education. A Turkmen woman shares a personal story of her life before and after the fall of communism in My Soviet Atlantis (Susie Lichter, Jeannette Harris, 14 mins). Twenty-five years after the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero, Daniel Freed tells of a search for justice that leads us from Central America to Modesto, California, in The Murder of Monseñor (25 mins). A selection of diverse experimental works will also be screened: Observing Rene and Elaine (Offer Egozy, 6 mins); Is This, Like, Your Film? (Renna Brown-Taher, 2 mins); Remember Me, Ann Marie (Evan Menzel, 2 mins); Kicked by Horse (Evan Menzel, 2 mins); They All Speak Normally Now (Lindsay Benedict, 5 mins); and the double-screen All Things/Pray (M. Hasna Maznavi, Katie Edmonds, 7 mins, Silent).

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