Remember Last Night?

“In Remember Last Night? James Whale sets out both to spoof the popular genre of civilized, all-in-the-family mysteries exemplified by The Thin Man, and to make a solidly enjoyable film in that genre. Whale brought to it many additional ingredients, including his own macabre sense of humor, a photographic and lighting style reminiscent of his great horror films for Universal, and a zany, almost surrealist sense of speed and comedy. As deliberately incoherent and complicated as The Big Sleep, it goes like an express train in all directions - but remains a well-disciplined film regardless. There's one of the wildest parties we've seen in ages; a weirdly lit hypnosis sequence in a thunderstorm...and there are sequences of suspense in which the veneer of fun is abandoned all too quickly for comfort. There are suspects, clues and red-herrings galore, and if the identity of the ‘hidden' killer is easily guessable from the beginning, it doesn't seem to matter because we still don't know how and why. Remember Last Night?, virtually forgotten today, was one of the most enjoyable mysteries of the Thirties.” --William K. Everson

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