Return Of The Secaucus Seven

It was thought that John Sayles' Return Of The Secaucus Seven was to have its theatrical opening this summer; however, the date has been pushed back several months. Therefore we are pleased to provide Bay Area viewers a chance to see the film tonight, with our apologies to those disappointed viewers present in June when the film failed to materialize.

Return of the Secaucus Seven marks the directorial debut of young novelist-screenwriter John Sayles, whose previous credits include the screenplays for three recent Roger Corman productions. Shot on a budget of $60,000, with a cast and crew many of whom make their feature debut in the film, it was chosen for the New York Museum of Modern Art's New Directors series, and received a standing ovation at L.A.'s Filmex.

What the Village Voice calls a “revisionist youth film” about the weekend reunion of seven 30ish college and Vista comrades, all of whom were arrested en route to a Washington anti-war demonstration once upon a time, is something of a cross between Jonah, Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 and American Graffiti: amid almost non-stop, witty and believable dialogue which both re-hashes a shared past and moves relationships forward in the present, the friends play together, make love, and try to get a grip on the future.

Sayles, who plays one of the principal roles in a cast hailed for its naturalness, is called an important new talent by Filmex's Paul Bartel, and his film “highly personal, perfectly realized.”

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