Marshall McLuhan claimed that the word phony didn't enter the language until the word telephone did. This idea inspired Andy Warhol to develop a quasi–TV show with people arguing on the phone. Starring such Factory luminaries as Candy Darling, John Richardson, and Brigid Berlin, Phoney (1973, 50 mins, B&W, DVD, From The Andy Warhol Museum) is a riotous compilation of greatest spats. Christian Marclay's Telephones (1995, 7.5 mins, B&W, Video, BAM Collection) pillages Hollywood films to reconstitute a montage about the anxiety of human exchange. A wash of emotions is borne by the haunted handset as Marclay creates a perky collage of the phone's alarming ring, the plaintive voice, and the silences of the psyche. Also included will be Pocket Shorts, a U.K.-based project of short movies for cell phones, and a telephonic performance by Marisa Olson, who will give us the 411 on heartache.

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