The Sabina

Jose Luis Borau in person!
“Borau's new film is a provocative mixture of sexual passions and the clash of cultures, interweaving myth and reality, and combining outstanding talents from four different countries - Spain, Sweden, Britain and America. It's a haunting story of foreigners confronting the traditional Spain - not the post card views but an Andalusian village with its own reality and legends. One of the legends is of the Sabina, a female dragon who is supposed to live in a cave and to seduce and devour unwary males. Two young English writers (Jon Finch and Simon Ward) explore the legend; their lives become entangled with an odd trio - a sensual peasant girl (Angela Molina), an eccentric American (Carol Kane) and a cold-hearted bitch (Harriet Andersson). Borau's skill in developing these characters, his control over the complex narrative and his imaginative use of locations is admirable. The Sabina is a Spanish-Swedish co-production; the dialogue is in English; but it's essentially Spanish in feeling, and a striking example of how a fine director can involve disparate talents and resources, yet keep his personal touch.”

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