Safe Conduct

Safe Conduct is an engrossing homage to those French filmmakers who, during the Occupation, managed to maintain their integrity and professionalism under the most repressive circumstances. At once intimate drama and stirring historical epic, the film is loaded with suspense, for its central figure, an assistant director named Jean Devaivre (Jacques Gamblin), displays the same unflappability on the set as in his Resistance activities. Tavernier drew his richly detailed and shrewdly observed account of grace under pressure-and greedy collaborationist opportunism as well-from the reminiscences of Devaivre and the late Jean Aurenche, whose career was revived when Tavernier chose the veteran screenwriter to help him launch his own career in the 1970s....Because Tavernier has always been as passionate a film historian as he is a filmmaker, Safe Conduct has an acutely authentic sense of time and place....This film brims over with the humanity, seriousness, good humor, and commitment that mark all of Tavernier's work.”

Followed by a surprise feature!

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