“Humphrey Bogart and a solid supporting cast are featured in Sahara, one of a handful of Hollywood excursions into the North African desert. Based on an incident from the Soviet film The Thirteen, Sahara was a tribute to the courage of the British in the Battle of El Alamein, during the retreat from Tobruk. Bogart plays a tough, cynical, American sergeant commanding a derelict M-3 tank named Lulubelle, wandering around the Sahara, picking up British, American, French and Sudanese soldiers, facing all the adversities of the desert - heat, thirst, everlasting sand - and standing off an entire batallion of Nazis. Stunningly photographed, brilliantly directed by Zoltan Korda from a screenplay by John Howard Lawson, Sahara is immensely entertaining, and exciting. In addition, some critics have identified the shots of Bogart driving the tank as the design model (and genre reference) for the shots of Han Solo flying his spaceship, the Millenium Falcon, in Star Wars.”

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