Salaam Cinema and Cinema Cinema

Salaam Cinema (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran, 1995): For program notes, please see Thursday, May 29.Cinema Cinema (Maani Petgar, Australia, 1994-96): This is a fascinating portrait of the making of Salaam Cinema that uses outtakes from the film to create a whole new film-and a whole different Makhmalbaf. No longer the disingenuous tyrant, here is a man who studies the soul of a people in a film ("This shows how sensitive the Iranian soul is at this time, moving from hope to despair in one sentence"); a part-time sociologist ("They've only been given a limited role, that's why they rush to get a part"), and a film theorist in spite of himself: "It is said that God created the world so that there would be eyes to see him."

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