Sandra (Vaghe Stelle Del'Orsa)

This flawed but frequently masterful Visconti effort is seldom seen today. At its U.S. Premiere at the 1965 New York Film Festival, it was described in these words:
“Every new film by Visconti is an exciting event, but Vaghe Stelle Del'Orsa marks his long-awaited return to the operatic exuberance and the emotional grandeur of Senso. This Electra-like story of incestuous passion is set in the crumbling city of Volterra and combines both his visual beauty of photography and decor with the dramatic strength of a Greek tragedy, a la Verdi. The cast includes Jean Sorel, Michael Craig and the legenday Marie Bell as the mad mother addicted to pounding out Cesar Franck on the piano. The star is Claudia Cardinale, whom Visconti reveals to us as an extroardinary actress.”

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