The Sari Soldiers

Julie Bridgham couldn't have known the outcome of the most turbulent period in Nepal's modern history when she began filming The Sari Soldiers, which chronicles the divergent roles of six women on several fronts before and following the king's February 2005 crackdown on civil liberties. The protagonists are Devi, a peasant woman who leads a campaign for justice after her daughter is abducted by the Royal Nepal Army, never to be seen again; Kranti, a commander in the Maoist insurgency, and Rajani, a foot soldier in the army's civil war against it; Krishna, leader of a rural royalist movement, and Ram Kumari, her counterpart in the student-led democracy movement; and Manira, a human rights lawyer dealing with Nepal's many disappeared. Bridgham skillfully weaves their stories leading up to that rarest of “happy” endings, when all are brought together under the umbrella of Nepal's fledgling democracy.

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