Scorpio Rising, Kustom Kar Kommandos, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome

Scorpio Rising
The classic underground film of the sixties, and a masterpiece of montage, Scorpio Rising is described by Anger as
“A conjuration of the Presiding Princes, Angels and Spirits of the Sphere of MARS, formed as a ‘high' view of the Myth of the American Motorcyclist. The Power Machine seen as a tribal totem, from toy to terror. Thanatos in chrome and black leather and bursting jeans. Part 1: Boys and Bolts (masculine fascination with the Thing that Goes). Part 2: Image Maker; getting high on heroes; Dean's Rebel and Brando's Johnny; the true view of J.C. Part 3: Walpurgis Night (J.C. Wallflower at the Cycler's Sabbath). Part 4: Rebel Rouser (the Gathering of the Dark Legions, with a message from Our Sponsor). Dedicated to Jack Parsons, Victor Childe, Jim Powers, James Dean, T.E. Lawrence, Hart Crane, Kurt Mann, The Society of Spartans, The Hell's Angels and all overgrown boys who will ever follow the whistle of Love's Brother.... Filmed in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Walden's Pond, New York, on Ektachrome ER.”
• A Film by Kenneth Anger. Songs interpreted by Ricky Nelson, Little Peggy March, The Angels, Bobby Vinton, The Crystals, The Ran-Dells, Kris Jensen, Claudine Clark, Gene McDaniel, The Surfaris. With Bruce Byron (Scorpio), Johnny Sapienza (Taurus), Frank Carifi (Leo), John Paline (Pin-Stripe). (1963-64, 29 mins, color, Print from PFA Collection)

Kustom Kar Kommandos
Excerpt from a work in progress: this is all that remains of this film.
This sequence invokes the “Dream Lover,” a blind for the Charioteer of the Tarot Trumps. Dedicated to Craig Breedlove. Filmed in San Bernardino, California, on Ektachrome.
• A Film by Kenneth Anger. Music by The Parris Sisters. With The all-Crome Ruby Plush Dream Buggy, and the Maker. (1965-66, 3 mins, color, Print from PFA Collection)

Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1966 “Sacred Mushroom” Edition)
“Lord Shiva, The Magician, wakes. A convocation of Theurgists in the guise of figures from mythology bearing gifts: The Scarlet Woman, Whore of Heaven, smokes a big fat joint; Astarte of the Moon brings the wings of snow; Pan bestows the bunch of Bacchus; Hecate offers the Sacred Mushroom, Yage, Wormwood Brew. The vintage of Hecate is poured; Pan's cup is poisoned by Lord Shiva. The ORGIA ensues; a Magick masquerade party at which Pan is the prize. Lady Kali blesses the rites of the Children of the Light as Lord Shiva invokes the Godhead with the formula, “FORCE AND FIRE.” Dedicated to the Few; and to Aleister Crowley; and to the Crowned and Conquering Child.... Filmed at Shiva's House, Hollywood, California, and another place. Printed by Kenneth Anger in Hand Lithography System on A, B, C, D, and E Rolls, on Ektachrome 7387.” --Kenneth Anger
• A Film by Kenneth Anger. Music by Janacek. With Samson De Brier (Lord Shiva, Osiris, Cagliostro, Nero, The Great Beast 666); Cameron (The Scarlet Woman, Lady Kali); Kathryn Kadell (Isis); Renata Loome (Lilith); Anais Nin (Astarte); Kenneth Anger (Hecate); the late Peter Loome (Ganymeade). (1954/1966, 38 mins, color, Print from PFA Collection)

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