The Serial Heroines: Pearl White, Ruth Roland, Helen Gibson and Young Romance

The Hazards of Helen
Chapter 108: The Trial Run.
• With Helen Gibson. (1916, 10 mins, 35mm, silent, Print from UCLA Film Archives)

The Iron Claw
Chapter 7: The Hooded Helper. The Iron Claw is tinted in several colors, which adds to its mysterious effect.
• With Pearl White. (1916, 20 mins, 35mm, color tinted, silent, Print from UCLA Film Archives)

Who Pays?
Chapter 3: When Justice Sleeps. An early Ruth Roland series, each episode of which was complete in itself, telling a little story with a moral, Who Pays? was written by and starred Henry King, who later became a leading Hollywood director.
• With Ruth Roland, Henry King. (1915, 30 mins, 35mm, silent, Print from UCLA Film Archives)

Young Romance
“What might have been little more than a slight comedy-drama of a young impoverished pair pretending to be wealthy socialites at fashionable Newport becomes a gem of humor and adventure thanks to the play by William C. de Mille on which Young Romance was based, and the underplaying of the charming Edith Taliaferro. From her performance in Young Romance, it is obvious that Miss Taliaferro might well have been one of the major actresses of the cinema's formative years, and one can only wonder why her career was so short and why she has been so long overlooked.” --Anthony Slide
• Directed by George Melford. Produced by Paramount. Written by William de Mille. With Edith Taliaferro, Raymond Hatton. (1915, 40 mins, 35mm, silent, Print from UCLA Film Archives)

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