Seven Moments

. Interweaving interviews and archival footage, Seven Moments is centered on seven insightful women who became involved in a radical urban guerilla group while still teenagers. The Tupamaros were active in Uruguay in the late 1960s and early 1970s, during a period of increased military power. As the women look back on their political past-the social injustices that led to their political activism, moral dilemmas they faced, their imprisonment and torture-they speak intimately and openly about decisive moments that shaped their personal histories. Their stark memories of the group's brutal suppression are interwoven with stories of the Tupamaros' own political kidnappings, providing another vantage point on prisoner/guard interactions. “Diane Cardoza exposes just what atrocities people can be capable of when faced with extreme circumstances. Nonetheless her moving film retains a strong sense of humanity at its core” (Munich International Documentary Film Festival).

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