She Done Him Wrong

“The name is Lady Lou, ‘the finest woman that ever walked the streets,' and the film was the first to make Mae West - and the young Cary Grant - famous. Lou, based on West's own Broadway creation, ‘Diamond Lil,' is the big woman with the big heart, gaudy, bawdy, with a magnetic strut that miles of opulent yardage and pounds of jewels never could hide. Despite the title, she never done no one wrong. A working girl (‘my career is diamonds') who knows her trade (‘you can be had') and plies it with the delicate aggressiveness of a professional (‘Why'n'cha come up and see me sometime?'), it's Lou's generous heart and not the fixtures around it that brings on her demise.

“West works wonders with ‘I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone,' which she fills with staggering double entendres, ‘Frankie and Johnnie,' and ‘I Like A Man Who Takes His Time' (you'd better believe it).”

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