Silvia Prieto

A charmingly erratic twenty-something woman decides to change her life-or at least drift through it slightly differently-in this marvelously deadpan comedy and “surreal symphony” (J. Hoberman, Village Voice). A peculiar breed of obsessive-impulsive, Silvia Prieto is desperately seeking a new identity: she stops smoking pot, buys a parrot, vacations in Mar del Plata, gets a new job handing out free detergent on the street, and, out of curiosity or crisis, starts prank-calling the only other Silvia Prieto in the phone book. Other characters-Silvia's ex-husband, his new girlfriend, her mopey ex-husband (who becomes Silvia's boyfriend), a stalking Italian, the other Silvia Prieto-move in and out like beginner dancers in a drunken ronde. Rejtman gives the manic comedy of Lubitsch and Hawks a pointed dose of quaaludes and gin. The result, per The Miami Herald, is “more like a state of mind than an ordinary movie.”

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