The Sky Turns

. The Sky Turns is a sublime contemplation of time, memory, and mortality. After thirty-five years, Álvarez returns to her native village, Aldealseñor, in remote northwest Spain. She was the last child born there; now only fourteen aged inhabitants remain. They represent the final generation of a people after more than 1,000 years of uninterrupted village life. Though her film is intensely personal, Álvarez yields the spotlight to the dwindling but tenacious villagers. The passing years have made them natural philosophers, historians, and comedians-they muse on the transience of things, regard the folly of conquerors from Caesar to Bush, and lace it all with stoic, quintessentially Spanish humor. Álvarez's proxy within the film is her friend Pello Azketa, a painter whose encroaching blindness mirrors the theme of dimming memory.

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