Sleep, My Love

Although his reputation as an auteur wouldn't materialize until much later in his career, director Douglas Sirk's early Hollywood career contained some interesting efforts in Summer Storm (1944), Lured (1947), and Sleep, My Love. Although it didn't have the box-office success of Rebecca, Suspicion, or Gaslight, Sleep, My Love still remains a surprisingly effective terrorized-wife drama. With a story by Leo Rosten and atmospheric, noir-like cinematography by Joseph Valentine, the plot centers on` a socialite, played by the lovely Claudette Colbert, who is being driven mad by her faithless husband, a subdued Don Ameche playing against type. In spite of some of the formulaic melodramatic focus of the story, Colbert is enchantingly convincing as the heroine, particularly in her scenes with the delightfully genuine Robert Cummings.

Preserved in cooperation with Paramount Pictures from the original 35mm nitrate picture and track negatives and a 35mm nitrate composite master positive.

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