Someone to Remember

An elderly lady living in a college town “adopts” a young student and develops the delusion that he is her grandson, who has disappeared some years ago.
“Here Siodmak invades Frank Borzage territory, with an adaptation of a Ben Ames Williams soap-opera novel. A surprise success at the time, it boosted Republic's growing prestige and made a star of Mabel Paige - though she never again had a vehicle as good. Unfortunately complete prints are no longer available on this film, and we must settle for an edited TV print. However, while this may sound like a rationalization, it is not quite the disaster it sounds. Republic, an expert at ‘B' films, usually padded their ‘A' films to excess. In its edited form Someone to Remember is still smooth and with no obvious holes and needs no apology.” --W.K.E.

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