Winner of numerous Australian Film Institute Awards, Somersault exquisitely captures the pain of a troubled, empty sixteen-year-old, Heidi (Abbie Cornish), who, isolated in a backwoods town, finds sex to be her primary connection to others. Caught in bed with her mother's boyfriend, she runs away to an icy ski resort in New South Wales. Arriving completely alone, with only the name of a one-night stand, she tries to find a place for herself. She hooks up with Joe (Sam Worthington), a charming and handsome ranch hand who is confused and disconnected too, but hides it better. As she falls for him, we witness her self-destructive attempts at bonding. Cornish balances childlike innocence with an intense sexual nature, making us dislike her and want to save her at the same time. This visually stunning film explores the many aspects of budding sexuality-gay and straight-and captures the difficulty of coming into oneself, an experience that can be rife with aching isolation and vulnerability.

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