Song of Bwana Toshi (Bwana Toshi no uta)

In an unusual film, shot on location in Africa, Hani compares a compulsive, high-strung specimen of Japanese civilization with a relaxed African people who display their emotions freely and directly. Toshi arrives in rural Africa with a prefabricated house which he is to erect for a university study group. But the initial contingent of professors became ill and returned to Japan, leaving Toshi to build the house by himself in a land where he understands neither the language nor the customs. Although Toshi never fully adjusts to the natives' leisurely, unpretentious mode of life, his warm, often humorous dealings with them teach him something about human values. Unfortunately, Hani indicates, the Africans' uninhibited culture will become increasingly less viable in the face of continued encounters with the jaded, industrialized world Toshi represents.

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