Souls for Sale

*Please note: admission to the 7:00 p.m. of Souls for Sale show entitles viewer to also see Memoirs of a Movie Palace, of the Christian Blackwood series, at 8:30 p.m.

When this MGM silent premiered in 1923, Variety called it the first picture to give a very fair idea of motion picture life in Hollywood, allowing for the film's “impossible and exaggerated” plot: small-town minister's daughter Remember Steddon flees her newlywed husband (murderer of newlywed wives, as it turns out) while crossing the Mojave desert, where she's discovered by a Hollywood film crew on location. Her initial reservations about movie life are replaced by a burning desire to become an actress after she tours the studios (Famous Players-Lasky, Metro, Fox, Robertson-Cole, Pickford-Fairbanks, Goldwyn) and sees many well-known directors and actors hard at work. A fiery climax is precipitated when the husband arrives to assert his marital claim, but it all comes out okay. Cameo appearances by Charlie Chaplin, King Vidor, Erich Von Stroheim and the MGM cafeteria.

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