Souvenir of Gibraltar

“What filmmaker, at one time or another, has never been tempted to make himself the target, the subject of a film? To make a statement about himself, his way of life, the whys of his profession, his motivations and conditions.
“This is the true subject of Henri Xhonneux's Souvenir of Gibraltar. Two filmmakers, Henri and Eric, decide to do a film about Armand (Henri's real brother) who works in his father's butcher shop and has established himself as a boxing champion. The film centers around Armand's personality; placed in various situations, his reactions are chronicled. Apprehension, tension, excitement - the gamut of human emotions which surface during the various stages of production are examined in Souvenir of Gibraltar.
“Intended as a parody of sorts, the film serves as a self-criticism of the filmmakers' respective lifestyles compared to the absolute opposite as manifested by Armand. In the final sequence, Armand is approached by a stranger who asks, ‘Excuse me, aren't you that boxer who's going to act in a film?' The disillusioned Armand replies, ‘No,... I'm a butcher....'” --L.A.T.

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