Space Is the Place

Shamanistic music–maker and Afro–surrealist Sun Ra descends to earth as an astral messenger in Space Is the Place, an otherworldly frolic that combines intergalactic bebop and riffs on black liberation. The spacey ruler of an astral Eden, righteous Ra heads for the blue planet where the black populace is in an even bluer funk. Believing that harmonious music can heal these troubled souls, he alights in Oakland aglow with space–age sermonizing. He is then engaged in a bewildering battle of wits with the Overseer (Ray Johnson), a pimp–like godfather who rules the inner city. Director Coney's boldly mystical blaxploitation film takes to heart Sun Ra's cosmic philosophy of music as a liberating force. Performed by The Intergalactic Myth–Science Solar Arkestra, Sun Ra's music suffuses the hip–edelic atmosphere. Whimsical, funky, and alchemically whack, Space Is the Place takes on Afro–liberation, extraterrestrial activism, and whatever else enters the ever–expanding mind of Sun Ra. Please note: This is the uncut version.

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