Story of a Beautiful Country (Free Screening!)

Filmmaker Khalo Matabane takes viewers on a journey through South Africa, courtesy of a beat-up minibus and a digital camcorder, in this entertaining investigation of a country still uncertain of its past, and more so of its future. Like Abbas Kiarostami's Ten, the film is composed of images and interviews shot in a moving automobile; Story of a Beautiful Country turns that limited physical space into an exploration of the psyche of an entire culture. In the van, Matabane interviews young and old, black and white, from a hip interracial couple busy club-hopping to a paranoid white supremacist farmer, a pensive student to a grieving mother. Outside the van, a South African landscape as diverse as its citizens darts past, with dusty fields and gated mansions, townships and suburbs, coastal beaches and mountain interiors. “The best way to understand the world is by going on a journey,” asserts Matabane, who, with his thoughtful questions, does just that.

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