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September 25–December 20, 2020

The great service this clear-eyed and admiring documentary provides is to emphasize not just Ginsburg’s work on the court but how extraordinarily influential she was before she even got there.

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

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We pay tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a streaming screening of this affectionate 2018 portrait, which became an unexpected popular hit—not unlike the jurist herself. The film looks beyond the SNL sketches and “Notorious” memes to outline Ginsburg’s role as a dissenting voice on an increasingly conservative court and her equally crucial earlier career as a patient and persistent litigator for women’s rights. Between glimpses of her workout routine, her opera fandom, and her collection of ornate judicial neckwear, it also profiles her long partnership with the staunchest admirer of her legal mind, husband Marty Ginsburg, making the case that gender equality begins at home.

This streaming presentation includes a nearly hourlong interview with directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen, conducted earlier this year.

Juliet Clark
  • Claudia Raschke
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