Streaming: She Comes Back on Thursday

(Ela volta na quinta)

January 21–March 31, 2021


André Novais Oliveira, Maria José Novais Oliveira, Norberto Novais Oliveira, Renato Novais Oliveira,

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Recorded Conversation
André Novais Oliveira and Leila Weefur

An exceptional conversation between director André Novais Oliveira and artist, writer, curator, and lecturer in Art Practice at UC Berkeley Leila Weefur is included as part of this streaming film program.

An affecting depiction of a family in flux, She Comes Back on Thursday portrays the long-simmering dissatisfaction of a married couple and its effect on the lives of their two adult sons as their relationship threatens to unravel. Performed by the director himself along with his parents, brother, and friends, the fictional family portrait is suffused with the depth of feeling that the nonprofessional actors bring to their self-adjacent roles. Filming on location in Contagem, André Novais Oliveira draws emotion not from drama or confrontation but from the accumulated tenderness revealed in a series of ordinary conversations between the characters. These thoughtful exchanges are interspersed with observational scenes of the neighborhood, daily life, work, and leisure, punctuated with Brazilian popular songs, American soul, and classical music. “The film itself becomes a hymn to the enduring rhythms of working-class life, formed by people whose relief and sustenance come from one another, even as their time together remains limited” (Aaron Cutler, Frieze).

Kate MacKay
  • André Novais Oliveira
  • Gabriel Martins
  • Portuguese
  • with English subtitles
Print Info
  • Color
  • Digital streaming
  • 108 mins
  • Filmes de Plástico