Streaming: The Two Sights

(An dà shealladh)

February 12–28, 2021

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Livestream Conversation
Joshua Bonnetta and Nicolás Pereda
Wednesday, February 17, 7 PM PST

Watch a live conversation with director Joshua Bonnetta and Nicolás Pereda, a filmmaker and assistant professor of film and media at UC Berkeley. Access is included with rental of the streaming film program.

Over several years, while immersing himself in the landscape of the Outer Hebrides islands off the coast of Scotland, filmmaker Joshua Bonnetta collected stories related to second sight—the inherited capacity of some islanders to see and hear the unusual and unexplained and to understand these visions’ meaning. Recordings of old stories and personal experiences permeate the film’s beautifully captured terrain. Critic Justine Smith wrote, “Bonetta’s film captures a hazy mood akin to the feeling between waking and sleeping, where the otherworldly takes root.” Magically, the audience begins to see and hear more, too, briefly becoming seers.

  • English
  • Gaelic
  • with English subtitles
Print Info
  • B&W/Color
  • Digital streaming
  • 90 mins
  • Cinema Guild