Sugar Cookies

“Sugar Cookies is sort of a porno film - 90 minutes of luscious lesbian seduction, thinly disguised as a psychological thriller. It starts with a ritualized sex murder, spins lazily through several circles of delicious perversion, and ends in a disturbing psychodramatic climax. It's pure Woronov - one of her rarest and most fascinating films.

“Directed by Ted Gershuny in New York in 1973, Sugar Cookies was a transitional film for Woronov - an underground film designed to play to a general audience. As such, it falls somewhere between the Warhols of the mid-'60s and the Cormans of the mid-'70s. Woronov plays the same sexually ambiguous, cruel-but-beautiful character she evolved for Warhol, and superstar Ondine even puts in a guest appearance - but the photograpy is slick, and production values are high, the film is in color, and the action is distanced for comfortable consumption by the mass audience that, as it happened, never saw the film at all. Sugar Cookies would probably rate a ‘hard-R' today, but six years ago it got an X, made a brief appearance on the 42nd Street porno circuit, and disappeared without a trace. It's turned up briefly here and there in the years since, but never to the attention it deserves.

“It's an odd film - disturbing, exploitive, largely without discernible redeeming social value. But who cares? It works. And it offers Woronov in a rare, starring role. She's perverse, she's exciting, she's utterly enchanting.”

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