Sun (Sole) and Rails (Rotaie)

“Two films made in 1929, Sole (Blasetti) and Rotaie (Camerini), promised great things for the Italian Cinema. They seemed to indicate that the long doldrums of the period after World War I might at last be coming to an end and that a new era was beginning.” Ted Perry

Sun (Sole)
“It is a film that, during the Fascist period, was widely hailed as the first adequate celebration of the Fascist spirit to reach the screen. But this is probably a little unfair to Blasetti, for the subject of the film was the reclamation of marshes and waste land, and the lives of those engaged in the work, one of the good and positive achievements of Fascism. Technically rather uneven, it was acted with unusual restraint (perhaps, though he would not have dared to admit it, Blasetti had learned something from the makers of Earth, The General Line and other great silent Russian films on analogous themes) and contained a number of sequences that were visually of very considerable beauty.”

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