"The interest of Hollywood in evil spirits running amok in the world and possessing wholesome American females is not so terribly new. During the 1930s, there was a certain vogue for films dealing with the occult, clairvoyance and the like, and Supernatural is one of these entertaining curiosities. Involved in the melodramatic proceedings is Carole Lombard, before she was recognized as a brilliant comedienne. Her depiction of a wealthy girl who is victimized by a fake spiritualist is certainly unusual, and greatly aided by mood music, thunderstorms, and portentous quotations of doom from the Koran and the New Testament. Allan Dinehart, one of the great villains of the period, is a dynamic charlatan who is not quite prepared to take the consequences for tampering with the great Unknown. Here is an opportunity to see a very stylish, elegant horror tale, done with sly seriousness by everyone in the cast."

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