Swamp Thing

In a secret lab in the dank swamp, Dr. Holland (Ray Wise) labors to create an elixir allowing humans to commune with plants; great if you're Stevie Wonder, or a vegan. But crazed scientist Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan) is more interested in the elixir's diabolical feature, the ability to generate “a plant with an animal's aggressive power for survival.” Defending his lab against Arcane's henchman, Holland is drenched with his final solution, and when he emerges from the swamp it's vegetable vigilante time. Adapted from the DC comics of the seventies, Wes Craven's extraordinary rendition throws Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau), cleavage and all, into the bayou so that the brackish avenger can have his crudités. When Cable's not drying her wet T-shirt, she's dispatching Arcane's agents faster than a tank of Roundup. The cartoonish cavorting of a dripping shrub and his leafless lover comes off as low-fiber funny, but Swamp Thing never gets mired in its own oozing camp.

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