A Taka Iimura Video Program

This Is A Camera I=You=He/She
Iimura, a Japanese film and video maker living in New York, has been actively involved in the structural investigation of identity and perception for nearly ten years. In I=You=He/She, Iimura displays his interest in experience literally recorded through the technology of video, manipulated to act as an audio-visual aid for the exploration into self-identification. The work, divided into two parts, is the taped document of a performance/installation presented at the Whitney Museum of American Art last year. In Part 1 the live installation, consisting of three monitors and cameras, three audiotapes, and a swivel chair (upon which the participant sits) is pictured in operation. In Part 2, Iimura performs in the installation, working out a non-sequential rotation of front, side and rear views of himself while intoning the phrase “to be.” Iimura then re-screens the videotaped performance while adding live phrases and changing his position relative to the screen.

A live installation which Iiumura will construct in the front of the theater, inviting active audience participation in exploring the concepts of representation and identification that are the focus of Iimura's work. The work will remain on view for one hour.

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