Tank Girl

Is this science fiction or prediction? The year is 2033 and the earth is drier than a post-doc lecture. Power is seized by those who control water and in this case it's clammy Kesslee (Malcolm McDowell), the demon of desertification. Kesslee's monopoly on moisture foments a rebellion among the parched masses who want a fairer faucet, especially the Rippers, genetic mishaps that meld man and marsupial, and Tank Girl (Lori Petty), a potty-mouthed punk with a buzzcut. Based on the underground cult comics from England, Tank Girl retains its cultie credentials with appearances by Iggy Pop and Ice-T, music coordinated by Courtney Love, and interleaved illustrations by Jamie Hewlett (who went on to co-create the Gorillaz). But it's Lori Petty's Tank Girl, a sort of Mad Maxine with Tourette's, who really works the wasteland, speaking grrrly truth to Water and Power. Straddling the massive barrel of her tank, she wryly asks “Feeling a little inadequate?” This is entertainment of the highest caliber.

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