Tapes from The Everson Video Revue: A Les Levine Program

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In A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words (1976, 55 seconds, color), the artist is seen sitting in front of a picture that we are told contains 3,500 words, while he attempts to sell it for 1,000. In Stamp of Approval (1976, 11:48 mins, color), the artist's shoe appears, stamping, and is mixed with visual effects until Levine feels that he's earned it. In Buy This Idea (1976, 15:24 mins, color), the figure of the artist in the background adopts a subliminal role as the other two performers carry on an ordinary conversation. Levine repeats, “Buy this idea, buy this way of holding your head....” In Levine's latest work, Deep Gossip (1979, 60 mins, color), a confession tape, four people narrate that line between the “soap-opera” and the “art-world” of New York City.

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