Teach Our Children: Works by Christine Choy

Artist in Person

The festival closes at PFA with a medley of Christine Choy's short films spanning three decades. In a rare screening of Teach Our Children (Codirected by Susan Robeson, 1972, 35 mins, B&W, Beta SP, From the artist), Choy connects the 1971 Attica Prison rebellion with struggles for power in black and Puerto Rican communities. Inside Women Inside (Codirected by Cynthia Maurizio, 1978, 28 mins, Color, 16mm, From Third World Newsreel) investigates the causes behind the incarceration of women and their humiliating experiences in prison. From a child's perspective, Permanent Wave (Codirected by Renee Tajima, 1986, 20 mins, Color, 16mm, From the artists) depicts the underlying sexual harassment in many workplaces by focusing on the daily activities of a multicultural beauty salon. Sealed But No Delivery (2006, 15 mins, Color, Video, From the artist) is the tale of Laura Esposito's attempt to bring the U.S. Postal Service to justice for sexual harassment, a contemporary reminder that it can take just one brave soul with a powerful message to spark a movement to expose the truth.

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