The Texas Show: Works from the Dallas Video Festival

Festival Director Bart Weissin Person Though international in scope, the Dallas VideoFestival curates an annual selection of videoworks created by independentproducers working in Texas. Tonight's program is the ninth such compilationbanishing the idea that Texas just means big when it can also mean funny,critical, sexy, safe, goofy, original, and, sometimes, butch. The works in theTexas Show range from a bizarre salute to youthful beauty in Weirdo Song to thejoys of bondage in Leather, from the Koyaanisqatsi lookalike Rhythm of the Earthto that epic of lost love Circus of the Sexes, Part III. The styles and aims areincredibly varied, too, from music videos to cable access comedy, from formalexperimentation to kidvid extravaganza. Join us and Festival director Bart Weissfor the biggest event of the season, or at least the funniest, or sexiest, ormost original. Intro: King Tex (John Davis); MathematicalPark (Steve Dirkx, 1:42 mins); Weirdo Song (Heyd Fontenot, 5:22 mins); Love 'n'Latex (Sheelah-Grace Murthy, Claudia Sperber, 25:55 mins); I Am the Happy Idiot(Sofia Nunez, 1:35 mins); Leather (Hardy Haberman, 9:50 mins); Circus of theSexes, Part III (Randy Clower, 9:22 mins); Tryptch (Daniel DeLoach, 9:45 mins);Rhythm of the Earth (Phillip Thomas, 6:22 mins); A Small Electric Machine(Michael Henderson, 9:46 mins); The Bobby Jack Pack Show (Bobby Jack Pack,24:47!nbsp;mins); The Hokey Pokey (San Hurt, Chan Chandler, 1994,4:29!nbsp;mins).

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