The Thief of Bagdad

This magnificent fantasy, rich in oriental splendor, weaves the tales of the Arabian Nights into a romantic adventure involving a handsome prince of Bagdad whose throne is usurped by his wicked Grand Vizier. Miraculous things happen to the prince and the little thief whom he meets while in search of his princess in a distant land. The flying horse, the djinni in the bottle, the all-seeing eye and the magic carpet are among the legends that enter into the story. Sabu gives a delightfully energetic performance as the little thief, and Conrad Veidt is a splendid, gimlet-eyed villain, with Rex Ingram appearing as the djinni. Set designs by William Cameron Menzies are just the start of this extraordinary fantasy trip; three or four directors were employed to manage the technical wizardry involved in proving that "everything is possible when seen through the eyes of youth"-with the help of glorious Technicolor and trick photography!

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