The Third Page

Isa (Ruhi Sari), a movie extra living from job to job, is roughed up by tough guys who accuse him of stealing fifty dollars. They threaten to come back and do worse if they're not paid. Searching everywhere for the money, Isa instead finds a gun, which he decides might best be used on himself. Suddenly, his circumstances change: the movie extra gets transformed into the true protagonist of his own story, as he links up with a beautiful but mysterious woman, Meryem. As the threat of death envelops him, Isa begins to live life more fully than ever before. Here as in his previous films, Demirkubuz challenges the audience to discern whether what is being shown on screen is truly happening or if it exists on some other level of his characters' realities. “Demirkubuz, who frequently refers to Dostoyevsky's influence on his stories, builds a godless world with two innocent characters: Isa (Jesus) and Meryem (Mary) . . . despite their betrayals, lies, even murders” (Ayça Çiftçi, Altyazi).

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