Too Bad She's Bad

The first of Sophia Loren's enormously popular comedies of the fifties, Too Bad She's Bad is based on a story by Alberto Moravia. Its humor and its charm thrive on a kind of down-to-earth devilishness that makes us identify with the amoral practicality of two thieving scamps over the more honest, common sense cab driver who becomes caught in their web-and under their spell. Vittorio De Sica plays a veteran purse-snatcher nearing retirement age who lends a benevolent eye, and sometimes a helping hand, to daughter Loren's adventures in thievery. Marcello Mastroianni is the harried hack who keeps coming back for more, against his better judgment. This fast-paced lark keeps up with the pace of its splendid location backdrop, Rome. Director Alessandro Blasetti was an eclectic and prolific filmmaker whose career spanned some four decades.

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