Too Hot to Handle

“Conway's funniest and most satirical comedy, is Too Hot To Handle, in which Gable and Loy carry on a complex love-hate affair in a variety of locations from China to the Amazon jungles. Gable, cast to type as an unscrupulous and scheming newsreel cameraman, is first seen manufacturing film of the Sino-Japanese War, initially by shooting at Japanese planes to bring on an air raid, then, when this fails, faking one with a well-paid Chinese child, a toy aeroplane and some artfully designed ruins. Loy, whose reputation is ruined by Gable in his search for a scoop, finally falls for him when he accompanies her to the Amazon to search for her lost brother, and rescues him after having dressed up as a witch-doctor. Breathlessly paced, witty and violent, this is one of the more acid comedies to have been produced by the Thirties.”

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