Trindade is the result of Project Trindade which during two years documented in image, sound and text the life and work of Brazilian musicians. The film is subtitled “Short Long Road,” and it is a series of tone poems composed by contemporary figures in Brazilian music while each was on a trip to his/her original countryside. The film is strikingly beautiful and it works both as a majestic travelogue to Brazil, as well as a reflection of the new tendencies of Brazilian music when confronted with its cultural and social environment. This is the second feature by documentarists Tania Quaresma and Luiz Keller of the much-praised Music and People of the Northeast. The film features musicians like Egberto Gismonti and Hermeto Pascoal, who incidentally have already recorded in the United States. Many others such as Joyce, Waltel Blanco, Nivalgo Ornelas, Novelli, and Wagner-Tiso, are soon to be known. The film also questions the new vision of these musicians in regard to the exodus of so many talented Brazilians to other countries due to the working conditions in Brazil. Trindade is a film to be savored for its own images and sounds - there is no need for subtitles throughout - and it is also a tribute to Heitor Villa-Lobos, Brazil's foremost composer, whose “Forest of the Amazon” is included in the film.

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